aggelos saxitzis

''aggelos sachitzis'' company

After a long tern experience in the field of wigs, extensions, wefts, toupees, and specialized products for hair thinning and hair care, we try, just for you, to always keep our prices low and competitive to meet the needs of even the most demanding customer.


Ever since 1986 when we made our debut, up to present day, we have managed to build a relationship based on trust. We have traveled around the world, come in touch with all the major hair factories and manufacturing industries so that our products can be in tune with fashion and combine modern aesthetics with high quality.

For all these reasons beware of cheap imitations. There are ,on the market, extensions and wefts which are definitely not aggelos products and are sold taking advantage of our brand name disorienting our honorable customers with inferior or lower quality products.

Thank you for your preference.