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Import and manufacturing of wigs is our main domain and we can do it better than anyone else.

A wig nowadays is used to follow fashion that changes in a fast pace, it gives you the chance to have a flawless appearance or in some special cases, for instance health matters such as accidents, burns, hair loss and so forth.

Wigs for health conditions

We recommend the purchase of a wig before the initiation of treatment because this way it is much easier to match a wig model to your hair volume and color before your natural hair start to thin out.

New Generation Wigs

It is much easier to have your wig the exact time you need or wish to. Perhaps it is necessary that you should purchase two wigs so that you can use the one while you have the other freshened, styled or serviced. There is an immerse range of styles available at competitive prices both natural and synthetic, of high quality made of light weight hypoallergenic materials for men, women and children. Specially tailored wigs can be ordered so that you can have the appearance you dream of, adding highlights and/or extensions to thicken your hair and change your style.


All social security funds accepted!



New Catalogue

We, here, present our new models with a purposely formulated layered hairstyle that covers your neck with beautiful bangs that are easy to wear and extremely light!

katalogos aggelos-peroukes


Wigs Models

Here you can watch some wig models with natural hair and hair mimicking natural.